Painting Project 2018 by Inna Flint

My hair and my dark eyes, I dress in a European way, I ate pizza and I drink coke watching Hollywood movies, I speak in foreign language and I live in Italy. But I'm Russian. I was born in a country with a strong and interesting culture. And now what has remained of this culture within me? But this happens not  because I live in another country. Today my country has become like many others. I became equal to other people of different nationalities. Russians, Italians, Americans, Germans, Mongols ..


For example I took a distant and unknown country but with history and strong culture.

The Mongolian culture holds so much interesting beauty and shows the great force against global globalization.

According to popular belief cow is a sacred animal, and this animal in some countries takes its great place in history and culture. So the cow's skull has become for me the symbol of national treasures, history and the past. The mouse instead represents globalization and consumerism.

In short, with this project I would like to make it clear that our roots should not be forgotten. And they is still creating curiosity for unknown cultures and traditions.