U 17. Inna Flint by Alex Kelman

Siberian artist and music producer Alex Kelman, who was behind such critically acclaimed Russian bands as Punk TV, Hot Zex, Dsh!Dsh!, TonySoprano and more… is releasing his new album “U17”.


Alex Kelman’s musical output is a mixture of beautifully noisy guitars, catchy dance beats and arresting synths, layered with captivating vocals. 

Within 7 tracks and 3 remixes Alex Kelman’s new material push the ideas of saving true human relationships in the strange time of global nets and the emptiness in between. He dedicated this album to his friend Artur Tsavhilov, a very talented Estonian music journalist, who died at the age of 47, in late summer 2017. 


The album and it´s art conception were created in collaboration with different artists from Sweden, Russia and Italy. 


Music & Lyrics: Alex Kelman 

Vocals: Alex Kelman (1,3,5), Aleksandra Glazunova (3,5) 

Drums: Mikael Norstedt (2,3,5) 

Mix & Mastering: Yuri Danilin Tracks 7, 9 - mixed by Alex Kelman, 8 - Digitali, 9 - Matteo Scarpa 

Art-cover: Inna Flint

Released by SuperPlus Records, Austria

released December 11, 2018